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Exciting News / Updates

I have been nominated, thanks to Boiler Journal, for a Best American Poets.


Also, a poem of mine was selected as a finalist for the Devil’s Lake Driftless Prize in Poetry! I will post the link when it comes out.

I am currently working on making a page on here to keep track and update my online and print publications over the years. This is something I have been needing to do for a while. Look for that, soon.

Also, as I will post on my Hummingbird Mind Blog, the book is now out! And I have been blessed with two great reviews / interviews so far. One interview appeared in the Huffington Post, which is amazing! And the other review was posted on Tell Tell Poetry called 20 Reasons to buy Hummingbird Mind by Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick



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The Man With Gold Between His Legs


chewing saltine crackers on the side
of a highway in June, two roosters
beside him, one hen. A witch leaves
grief in a red truck in Orla, Texas
hanging by the neck on a pipeline
right-of-way—his daddy bargained
daughters for oil, the earth, his ashes
for a God to survey his property,
limbs, shed, homestead—strung out
on meth and strippers and his shame
gives him release through myths,
waterways, forgiveness.

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Gatsby & Shannon Read a Poem

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April 4, 2013 · 4:32 am

Shannon & Gatsby Read a Poem for Nat’l Poetry Month

For National Poetry Month, Gatsby and I will read a poem a day.

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April 3, 2013 · 2:59 am