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The January Tupelo Press 30/30 Project!

Dear Everyone,

I am excited and nervous to begin my Poetry Marathon: the 30/30 (or in this case 31/31) Project! Here is the release sent out by Jeffery Levine at Tupelo Press, below: Know that I need encouragement and support and if you feel you can give, please donate. Take note: I do NOT receive ANY of the funds. All donations go to Tupelo Press. Tupelo is doing amazing things for poets and writers. They take care to publish voices that need to be heard and they hold conferences with scholarships, produce beautifully crafted books and genuinely care for, and believe in, the arts and the artistic community. I am proud to take part in helping support them.

Again, here is the information below. And I will keep posting links to the website each day so you can follow me and the rest of the poets participating. (A link to their bios included below).

For January 2013, we have 9 volunteers!: T.M. De Vos, Shannon Hardwick, Lindsay Penelope Ilich, Mike McGeehon, Janie Miller, Nina Pick, Katerina Stoykova-Klemer, Allyson Whipple, and Margaret Young. You can read all about them by clicking here.

Please follow their work, and feel free to acknowledge their generosity and creativity with a show of your admiration and support by donating on their behalf to Tupelo Press. (Click here to donate, scroll down to the form at the bottom, and put a contributor’s name in the “honor” field.) Just imagine what a challenge it is to write 30 new poems in 30 days!

To read their poems and visit the 30/30 Project, just click here.



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