You can conceive a shadow

You can conceive a shadow
when she’s tied to the wall,
taken by the nape, as a tangerine
would taste, or be shaken, sweet
ly let her under you
be the ever-present falling
into force and flavor, orange
set of suns she can see her
sly self, begin to circumvent
her by the neck, laced, languid
liquid as a fish found just be
fore the final fall, but force
hiddenthings into her hand-
some body, be ever-taken by
her citrus click or if she swells,
the sea, see, by the cape, flying
she can convince a shadow be
to you, can you, by force, exist
against, again, her, little
girl gone taken under, slow—
You can conceive a shadow.



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3 responses to “You can conceive a shadow

  1. thebestofdreams

    You’re writing such interesting poems at the minute. I am just entranced by the audacity and skill of the metaphor of the body/ orange which is both deeply sensuous and yet full of loss and grief. Reminds me of Jeanette Winterson: ‘Why is the measure of love loss?’. Your image is slippery as a fish, and yet hauntingly ever-present. This is a desire, a love and a loss at once – a shade that lingers in the shadows of every sunny day. I ❤ this, btw.

    • Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick

      I love Jeanette Winterson! I wish I could write fiction like her. Thanks for reading, Anna! I am glad you enjoyed it. I was hoping it would be more than just a pretty play with words and looks like you got more out of it, so that makes me happy.

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