Moon Pool

And I am radiating ten thousand feet
under the bed, the literal bed

and the rock-bed. The man beside me
sleeps but when he’s awake he sends

bombs into the earth to feed his son
and make a living so we can drive

across the country to the sea
and I am radiating the thickness

of some girl’s legs–his divorce
that already happened is happening

inside me. He’s trying to find names
of formations, layers between

the one awake and the one asleep,
how to heat the iron enough to man-

age a whole country. I remember
once I wanted to move away, far

from everything living, hurling
their bodies into babies, to death.



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2 responses to “Moon Pool

  1. Michael Green

    Absolutely beautifully written! For me it’s irony. I’m curious to find out what your literary friends have to say!

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