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Angle of Repose

I’m going to tip all the way, give
myself more than I deserve
until the trees are overgrown
in spirit. I’m going to write my exes–
how I memorized certain curves
they held against me, how I couldn’t
be angry their bodies wanted
water, whatever the source.


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You can conceive a shadow

You can conceive a shadow
when she’s tied to the wall,
taken by the nape, as a tangerine
would taste, or be shaken, sweet
ly let her under you
be the ever-present falling
into force and flavor, orange
set of suns she can see her
sly self, begin to circumvent
her by the neck, laced, languid
liquid as a fish found just be
fore the final fall, but force
hiddenthings into her hand-
some body, be ever-taken by
her citrus click or if she swells,
the sea, see, by the cape, flying
she can convince a shadow be
to you, can you, by force, exist
against, again, her, little
girl gone taken under, slow—
You can conceive a shadow.


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Moon Pool

And I am radiating ten thousand feet
under the bed, the literal bed

and the rock-bed. The man beside me
sleeps but when he’s awake he sends

bombs into the earth to feed his son
and make a living so we can drive

across the country to the sea
and I am radiating the thickness

of some girl’s legs–his divorce
that already happened is happening

inside me. He’s trying to find names
of formations, layers between

the one awake and the one asleep,
how to heat the iron enough to man-

age a whole country. I remember
once I wanted to move away, far

from everything living, hurling
their bodies into babies, to death.


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