Nati’l Poetry Month 25/30

Licking salt The fly of you before bed

Whatever wanted lies Outside

The window great monsters lick

Salt from their palms raised in honor

Of you Heartless they climb trees

And their own bodies at night Shiver

I want which went away Clapped

My hands to the window The monsters

Roll eyes Surprise the bird of you

Rises one long lonely nowhere train

To salt fields I remember as a kid driving

My body and mother to New Mexico

Monsters live there she said I laughed

Salt on my arm in the air on you The long

Body of lonely above myself the car

with mother with monsters with

Windows Saw the train of you

In my future Our hands Welcome

Come Let us break each others salt block

Heart Invite the bodies What will we want

Whatever wanted went away The fly of you

Before bed I remember this Forgive


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