Nat’l Poetry Month 22/30

Boy in a field understand The lame

Hearted go to him mouth filled

Broken He brings the horses

Of his grandfather His hands wheat

Heavy I have seen him Monster himself

With river-sickness and a girl His mother

Maybe as a girl It is hard to say

Her story Tell it He is afraid The lame

Hurt too Hearts in the coal filled even

The horses lungs He will bring them

I have seen him afraid of himself

His river-sickness Bring him

Horses Tell her story The girl broke

His wheat-heart It is hard to say Why

He is afraid Maybe a girl hurt too

Go mouth filled Black lung-wings

He will bring the lame I have seen

Him monster himself I understand

Why Tell him I love Bring him



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3 responses to “Nat’l Poetry Month 22/30

  1. May I post this on the Facebook page “Gonzo Western Poetry”?

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