Nat’l Poetry Month 19/30

The boy I see is just a whisper

Sometimes we touch sometimes

It’s nice but sometimes my heart

a red balloon, broken I know

My song I’d take it walks

on Broadway It is a star

Missing home I have not found you

Yet The boy I know is lost

I am the keeper of magnificent

Animals They are lonely They call

Me a knower My mother forgets me

It’s all a field and a girl who wanders

Trying her soul like a key to fit

Just one more night in bed sheets

A mummy I call you in Minnesota

You’ve taken a train to St Paul

You called a cow as a witness

I am a home for a boy I’m tired

of this Let’s make tea and tell

Our stories over Bob Dylan

Songs My sister is alone

This earth wants us broken

I am a home Fill me I am not


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