Nat’l Poetry Month 12/30

Francine believes when she repeats, Indeed, you are my lamp, Mercy lightens my darkness. Francine repeats indeed. In doing this she digs for weeds. I garden when anxious, she writes, so my body feels lightness. Francine carries the heavy of his words in jars to and from her car. Remembers the dirt and how he laughed at a skirt, called a field of female. Francine believes when she repeats. Beside her lamp she writes, I forgive him, St. Gabriel. Save me. I dream of seals in the sea. Francine believes gardens are friendly. I plant for him persimmons. Little lamps, my female hands, she writes. His chest a darkness. I have a cure for this. Francine remembers the dirt and how he laughed. Francine believes he is also a sea. And a lamp. And mercy.


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