It has begun and I am beginning with it

I will not be afraid of what happens next. Or maybe I will. Fear is also a shadow of strength. Please let me say this into the universe. Please let me be honest and please let me not be timid sharing myself or exploring. Please let me be writing this to myself, mostly, and in that way, to YOU.

I have a new update at my other blog, Ways We Are Lost. It began as a way to sort out myself when truly I felt lost. It turned into an exploration of the always-lost which was, in so many glorious ways, rightly found. I felt it needed its own space back then which is why I didn’t include it in this particular “blog.”

Now it has evolved and from time to time will include a conversation of sorts between me and a former professor.

It takes a village to build a village, and the self usually destroys its own body without another as a mirror.


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