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Blue Ribbon

There’s a picture of Machu Pichu on my desk. Sometimes when you call I have just bathed.  I am listening to a song by a band someone from Maryland sent in a message. The song tells me to lie with you in a park when it’s too hot to believe our bodies are bodies but the breeze between us. I don’t know if you would like me to speak this way. Sometimes you stare at the world as if it just opened and the door was made by your hand.  When I follow the breeze between us, I imagine statues until they aren’t statues but mountains and I would ask you to climb them with me, even though I don’t need you to. Sometimes I want to call you coyote. This is what I write when you are not near, wondering if I will remember the dream I had after you made the door which brought the world into my hands before I could calculate how to love you.


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Poems up at the new issue of WTF PWM

I have two poems in the new online issue of the journal, WTF PWM.

you can find the poem, In This Building, HERE

you can find the poem, While Riding the Train Next to a Couple, Fighting, HERE


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to be small in a landscape of snakes

I’m afraid you will hurt me, so I drive the truck
thirty miles without the radio. Rabbits flicker

in and out of the brush. I dare one to come close
enough. I will make myself into someone unhurtable.

What I really want is your openness, how it feels
to be small in a landscape of snakes.

One carried herself to the creek, bulged at the side.
And the sun on the rocks, her bed for the dead

who grow in her a new light. Stronger. A canvas
of fear. I’m afraid you will hurt me. So I shoot her

belly open. It’s no use. The rabbit’s heart already
shut out. The wind comes as if a child in a tent,

her hands in surrender. I cry out, No! You’re the one
who’s supposed to kill me.

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