Snow Petals (and a Hurrah)

I have exciting news. Between working many hours and seeing many friends, I have been able to scramble a bit of writing time and submitting time. I will have two pieces appear in Fried Chicken and Coffee, a southernly magazine. And there will also be a review of my chapbook in there as well! Also, a journal I have been admiring and finally got the gumption to submit to has accepted two sections of my ever-on-going-what-do-I-call-this-prose-or-poetry piece, Aura Girl. The journal is out of Manchester, UK: Sein un Werden.

And now, a new poem from yesterday after waking up to snow petals. The first bits of white this year.

Woke slow to salt-lick fur, the brow of earth,

eye-field, plowed in surprise–the weight,

my animal heart, woke to the patter of snow.

I don’t know how to wake. I don’t know

the graves of trees. The end, a beast

in quiet fleece, a peace, waits for me.


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