Oh, Newness and a bit of Stardust

First of all, a new Ways We Are Lost Post

Now, a letter which perhaps will help others (?)

Between me an another poet.


Dear Poet X,

I know you’re in a whirl right now, but you’re right, this too shall pass. And when so much is going on, it’s hard to “connect” to the writing. But it will come back. I’ve been the same way for months now. It’s never GONE, but sometimes we need to wait out the other stuff.

I want to make love to poetry. I love it so much. I would do anything for it. But I refuse to beat myself up about it. Poetry, I think, respects us when we respect the spirit inside of us, which is its carrier. The words are just as in need of us. But sometimes, it has to visit others, as well. It’s all one voice. I’m beginning to realize that. I’ve started to recite and memorize other work and feel through it as though it could have been gifted to me just as much as it was gifted to someone else, but it wasn’t gifted to me, but if I keep walking toward it, no matter what, there will be future gifts. Trust in that.

You do so much work already!

Yes, I agree with the academia stuff.  I just want to learn and then step away, learn and then step away. There is a time and place for community. Who knows what will happen or where I will go. I just have to think that there’s some sort of plan. Of course, my own free will, but that there’s a pattern or path and I just have to practice AWARENESS.

I know how it feels where, if the works were going well, then things would be easier to handle. But that’s a crutch isnt’ it? I have been thinking about that because I’m in the same situation. I’m being taught to withstand the nothingness again and again. And how to live, and love.

Thank you for writing. Thank you.



and, what I listened to last night while watching the stars. I saw a shooting one! Made a wish. But I won’t tell.


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