Dear God, somtimes I feel like sunshine but it hurts

Dear God, sometimes I feel like a submarine in a bath

Where the water has no end and my ears

Will burst because the weight of one drop

Can sink me to the bottom. Help me.


Dear God, someone said the roots are the beginning

Of the tree but I thought it was the acorn or maybe

It’s before that. Way before. When I’m walking to school

I can hear mothers growing somewhere babies

all over searching and maybe You’re the seed

So I’m sorry I crunch Your first breaths at recess.

Am I helping things grow by breaking You open?


Dear God, sometimes I feel like sunshine but it hurts

When the rain comes and birds complain

I didn’t touch their berries dry.


Dear God, thank you for telling me not to be

Afraid of windows. Last week I saw myself

Inside one. I thought it wasn’t me. It made me

feel better I’m a girl not glass.


Dear God, I’m glad I’m not an ant.

I don’t think ants live longer than 6 minutes

So thank you!


Dear God, when you want to talk to me

I will listen just let me know by making a bird

Fly by when I walk to school or I will sing

And something will answer back. A bell ringing

I’ll make up words and tap my knee. A secret

Between us OK? I feel left out of the noises

You make. I can be loud. Or quiet. Tell me soon.


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