Aura Girl Series No. 8

n a coffee shop, the beat of music enters your brain as an assault. You haven’t slept but two hours. And when you did, there was a field you should know about. Tattoo reads 33X07. You wrote that down. You swore you heard a pattern in a cricket last night.


The man by the East gate inspects a mare with two white hocks.

Bullshit, Joe. This one’ll founder before I can say shitbasket. You think I’m stupid?

Come on, now. You don’t have the money to be picky. Where’s my check?

Damn. Let me ask you somethin’ Joe. You ever find yourself havin’ visions?

I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.

You know, like knowin’ someone’s cheatin’ you outta somethin’ before he does.

You still drinkin’ Mac?

You still sleepin’ with my wife?

Alright. I gotta make it to Santa Fe by tomorrow mornin’.

Uh huh. I’ll call you when I have my next vision. I ain’t shittin’ you.

If it’s the Virgin Mary, you’ll be famous.

You think I’m a fool, don’t you? I see right through your bullshit.

Take it easy, Mac.


You hear that? says the girl.


The crickets.

Yeah. Guess so. Wasn’t paying attention.

They make me giggle. It’s like a tickle inside my ear. See?

Uh huh.

No, you’re not listening!

Look, I’m busy, ok?

Still lookin’ for words?


He doesn’t give you any, you know.


The man by the East gate.

Is that who I’m waiting for?

Well, isn’t that why you’re here?

I don’t know.

You got stars, too.


In your skirt. Can you see my aura?

I don’t see auras anymore.

You can see them.

No I can’t. When was the last time you saw the man by the gate?

Don’t know. He said I would make a good woman. I can give you a word.

What kind of word?

Point to somethin’

OK. That.

That’s a kiss.

No it’s not. It’s the horizon.

Wanna see? I have one on my belly!

A horizon?

I don’t know what that is, but I have one.


You bit the tree. There are numbers in the leaves. Colors break through. Now, find the aura. You call your brother. That was in a dream. You think of calling him when you wake. Hello? Remember the time I told you I saw Grandmom in the bushes? Yes, when we were kids. I know. She was dead. I meant that I saw her spirit.

The coffee shop is about to close. The man sweeping the floor makes patterns in the dust. 33X07. Write that down.


The man by the East gate finds a bucket. Fills it with grain for the new lot.

Damn horses, he thinks. Not one of ’em singin’.

He climbs to the hay loft. A mouse says, Eat me.

What numbers you got? Don’t tell me you see her waitin’ for me. Where? In the field?

He takes his knife to the trap. Sets the mouse free. Eat me, it says, scurries off.


You think you’ll find words in my stars, says the girl.


But that’s what he says. He says the words are inside me.

I thought the stars were in your skirt?

They are. Send him an animal. He listens to them.

You see any horses pass through here?


I need one with a tattoo. What does 33X07 mean to you?

That’s a constellation. I have one in my skirt. Wanna see?

He said you’d make a good woman?


He tell you other things?

That I’m pretty.

What else?

Listen to the crickets! Hear ’em?

Yeah. But what else does he say?

He told me to wait for you.

I’m here.

No you’re not.

Yes I am.

I don’t see your aura.

You said you could see them.

I can’t see yours. See that?

Yes. That’s the horizon.

No it’s not. It’s my belly.


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