From: The Fourth Division

4.1 Heart-prayers [may be recited] over breath-bone

A. Ghost of grandmother says, every hour the burden shakes

B. Heart-prayers [may be recited] over someone else’sbreath-bone.

C. Ghost of grandmother says, keep quiet about it.

D. The breath-bone has no body [to whom it belongs].

E. And [the heart-prayers] of any body lying still on a bed [may be recited] at any time, in any way, freely, if you love them.

F. Ghost of grandmother says, keep quiet about it. Your future-loves are listening.


4.2 One woman would pray over breath-bone of a body sleeping, though no one could hear.

A. They said to her, why speak to the one who is sleeping?

B. She said to them, It is when he is sleeping his breath-bone listens best.

C. And upon my exit, I love without gaining [a world].

D. One should learn the moment a flower blooms fullest

E. The moment of breath-bone speak bears fullest fruit, then burrows.

F. Though burrowing weight from breath-bone [heart-prayers] shakes the body, let the sleeping know your rock-love tumbles freely.

G. He says, “though I cannot speak, I will send roots” and the breath-bone is satisfied.

H. The woman learned a moment’s body, praised it, walked away.

I. In walking away, love without gaining [a world]—gain knowing when to bloom, instead.

J. They said to her, to whom belongs his breath-bone?

K. She said to them, in me burrows a root that cannot be shared. Tumble into them, let go.

L. Wisdom lets the Other pray, then speaks in secret of their prayer to the root that can’t be shared.


4.3 They refer to the “moment of knowing” in [the heart-prayer said over] “the breath-bone flowering”

A. And they ask for moments of knowing [when to walk away] how to bloom

B. And [they keep quiet] about heart-prayers—letting go the world,

C. Of a lover who cannot-be—they say, praise the root

D. For the breath-bone has no body [to whom it belongs]

E. Wisdom lets the Other become their body, so to praise.

F. [In walking away] one is permitted

G. To bloom inside another—steal the root,

H. But it will not speak to you.


4.4 They ask, Why can’t two breath-bones speak

A. Say, He who wants a world [of another] cannot bloom

B. And bear the body, but in secret, pray

C. Another’s window gives light [to illuminate]

D. But one breath-bone says to the Other, I have my own sickness

E. And healing comes [to illuminate]

F. And healing speaks [to another]

G. But roots need their own home [to grow]

H. It’s true—the not-freely-given dies mute

I. Two breath-bones speak when both are sleeping.

J. The body knows how to bloom. Trust the weight

K. Of loss—the Other tills your soil, leaves.


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