From: The Fifth Division

5.1 One who is traveling on a dark road may not ask for lit windows

A. Sages say, A dark road leads the root to sing

B. If they ask you, Why not stop and ask for light, say

C. If the body is heavy, I will rest. But roots need darkness.

D. If your breath-bone longs for words, speak softly at first, say

E. Rocks bear their burdens–my body I love, but

F. Respect the wind, the flowering, though painful and sing, if possible.


5.2  After breath-bone asks for words, dig into ground, birth angels this way.

A. Ask them, How do I till in darkness. [they will answer] heart-prayers

B. Know the body—what it needs, it seeks, even in darkness.

C. Bear the weight of trust, for it is written, “waves break not the inner rock”

D. For “it shall come to pass if you trust” [and] “the wind has heard”

E. If the breath bone threatens to break, gather wool for the body—

F.. But from time to time, rest if the body is heavy

G. For what it needs, it seeks

H. Even in darkness. Let the root decide which way to go.


5.3 And if there comes a time the body wants nothing

A. Ask the burdens to speak to you

B. For “we are built as houses, spirit caves, and waves heal heaviness.”

C. Though the body mistrusts, roots know the soil

D. Trust inner-rock and dig

E. Between yellow of hay and blue of whale [spirits] ask of the burdens

F. If they say, You are not asking the questions, remember

G. The whale does not ask currents if he is right—waves trust themselves.


5.4 And the body knows nothing of what is higher, sometimes

A. But the higher knows when to bloom—it asks the roots

B. Are you ready? I am breaking open. I am sore for lack of light.


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