Dear S,

But I could just imagine the screenwriter thinking,
“What in the world did Hemingway have in mind?”
So, I’m reading your piece and maybe subconsciously I’m thinking the same thing–
you have this beautiful tip and I’m wondering what are all the backstories–and how can your relationships be filled out–how did you get there and why is someone on a bridge, thinking of jumping?


Dear M,

I have a short, tight dress on,
buzzed from margaritas, sitting
in the oldest cafe in nyc, thinking sociology, my novella, and God via Thomas Merton. Thank you for writing. I’ve missed you.
The cafe is playing Chopin.



Yes, the universe, which provides a higher mind, a system that is above ours in knowledge and in direction, requires faith to move with and through it. A creativity above our own the open mind accesses and gifts given–like writings and creations of the greats. But even in the simplest of things, like nature’s flowering


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