Brooklyn Shoot

Yesterday, I walked around Brooklyn with my friend, Deborah. We had so much fun and I tried to get some good shots. A nice break from writing, since my manuscript is almost complete. I’ve missed taking out my camera. Here’s a select few of the ones I’m happiest with.

This was taken at the East River State Park. These men were a hoot!

I turned around when I heard the dogs barking at each other. I’m happy with the shot, with the yellow dog leaping toward the lab.

I love this shot. Outside Juliette’s Cafe.

On the rooftop of Juliette’s Cafe. This was a group of French friends. They were fun to photograph, and thank goodness they didn’t mind me and my camera!

Rooftop of Juliette’s Cafe. So many gorgeous people! This woman was stunning. She saw me taking shots of her and her friends were laughing, but I think she enjoyed it a bit.

Stunning woman, again.

Walking back towards the park. I think these were some Polish houses. They did not speak English that well, but didn’t mind my camera.

Love this shot. Back at the park later that afternoon. Mother playing with her kid. Adorable.

This little girl wanted to test the borders. She ended up actually going in and I was watching, snapping some shots, wondering when her parents would run over to her. They finally did, but I was getting a bit nervous.

Two Hasidic boys walking around the park.

Snapped some soccer!

Apparently, the Hasidic boys wanted to watch some soccer, too. I love this shot. They look very guarded yet curious. What is this blond shiksa doing taking our photo? Nice….


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  1. Becky

    These are amazing! NYC looks like a wonderful place to be in the spring. Some of these people look so damned chic! You have a great eye. PS- French guy is uber-cute!

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