Through every point

I saw in every point, gladness. Streams of it.

Wait, hold the pendant

round my neck. The one I searched out

for you, whisper in dark

for you. Understand, faith,

walking towards. You don’t see

my walking towards. Last night the moon half-bitten,

like lips as I wished. Understand, silence.

In time. It shuttles me. The image of you

when I didn’t see. Speak, you say.

I am. Understand. There’s a shadow-

girl underneath moon, cups for us.

Drink. You and you.

Both. When I wrote to You,

it was always you. The day I knew

a shell. Stood there, your hand.

Understand, faith saw through

every point, a gladness, forgiven.

Shell-this. I search for you. Whisper-heart,

understand, in all corner of dark,

pendant round my neck,

our love, streams of it, ready to Be.

In dark, Drink,

Speak to me, you say.

I am, I am, I am.


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