He otherwise shrinks away from uttering

…he confesses to God, as the being nearest to him, his most secret thoughts, his deepest wishes, which he otherwise shrinks away from uttering. …Prayer is the self-division of man into two beings,–a dialogue of man with himself, with his heart….–Ludwig Feuerbach

Ah. Let my hands do for me. Let heart understand. Not a light-door, but sing. Wonder at the window or a dream

on its backside. A dream on its back, lengthening.

You understand trees. Or sound made through hair of pine. Catch. In teeth

Again I ask, morning, tell it

again. This morning, my hands did

my body. Took a train through deserts. You sought me, in wonder at the window, pressed

noses, ours, to reflection of heart, my song. Not a light.

Through the door! You said. Threw

your backside against me. Catch again.

This morning, my dream in script

of howls. My hands did this. To my body,

I said. Unhinge.

When I spoke to You it was secret, again,

in heart.

I know. But follow

hands. Sage birds. Caught in windows. Beat to get out.

That’s your heart.

I know.

Last full moon, two nights ago, lengthening dream’s sage

birds from pine-strands.

You called it “my hair”

I know.

And morning did my hands to body-me

between light-doors, and You

unhinge birds to backside me into song, trains.

I know.

Let heart understand,

You’re, Ah.

Let my hands, You love,

Ah, do my body,



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