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Passing Through San Angelo the Other Day

….I was living in Greenwood when my Grandfather died,

and this guy, James, came in, wanted to buy the farm.

Oh, his family’s big ranchers, cotton farmers. Smart.

Always thought he had an alternative for befriending widows,

trying to buy land after the husbands die.

Now he’s been dead twenty years. Got kicked in the chest by a donkey.

Lived in a simple house, though. No one’d ever know the man was rich.

Kinda like my friend, Larry, told you about him. Recently got a divorce.

He carries around thousands of dollars in his pocket, cash.

One time, someone’s granddad was sick, so the family took him to a VA hospital to die.

He gave 50,000 dollars cash to the grandkids. Just carrying it around in his pocket,

looking for reasons to give it away.

Larry amazes me. Hard to see a 60 year old man go through a divorce like that

right before Christmas.

I called him around 8 at night.

My wife left me, he said.

I said, Tomorrow morning, I’ll pick you up.

His wife got in with a religious cult.

Can’t get ‘em out of it. Brainwashed.

She had it made, too. Cadillac SUV. And her sons,

who aren’t his kids,

he gave them all salaries.

The mom won’t even call her own kids. And he’s left

having to tell his stepsons their mom’s joined a cult.

Married 40 years and then someone changes. Don’t even know the person.

Sad deal, man. I don’t know how he’s made it.

I think he thought about killing himself.

I said, man, look at all you’ve been through.

He was working in an oilfield when he was younger, in the summertime.

Something went wrong with the rig. Lost his leg.

Went on to get a civil engineering degree. Done a lot of good in his life.

He’s something like a 26th degree Mason.

There’s lots of secrecy with the Masons. You have to be asked to get in.

But you know, when he met his ex wife, she was a waitress

with a drug problem.

You don’t wanna try to save somebody.



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