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I’m a Featured Artist!

Check it out! I am a featured artist on the Art Below Website! (Shannon Liz Hardwick, mid-left of page).

If you click on it, it will take you to my specific artist’s page.



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I want to send You something

email me your address.
I want to send you something.
Tell me what’s going on in your life (if you want)
and I will send you something to help compliment, comfort, or celebrate the moment accordingly.

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Notes toward a gathering hope–

that I am elsewhere–then I am
under your rock, in Utah,
in my mind–
nothing says otherwise.

This morning, I drank
a cup of coffee with magpies–

you were here, in a deer-dress,
by yourself.

Did you see the trees,
how through you every leaf tries–
the way any of us do– to be lost,
alive, in the glow-of-things.

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It is the still small hour of the early morning.

My body wakes me from sleep–all the secrets I hide from myself, revealed–

And I don’t know how to walk through.

I lash out at the sheets, the people that love me.

Questioning myself for the uncertainty I feel.

But suddenly, a light surrounds. I want to refuse.

Deliver me–

Deliver me–

My true self–the beautiful that frightens.

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See, in the slaughterhouse!


angels tangle half-dressed

in the slaughterhouse!


a child’s tongue

spun itself into a rope.

Now, bells–

hived between teeth–


Tell about me!

Tell about me!


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London Underground–February

I will have another photo displayed on the London Underground in February for two weeks. Look for it! You can find my profile for this event at ArtBelow

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First Video Blog of 2010

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