conversation something said / through me it knows you

something said, something said, something said.

I’m hearing you and trying to imagine you as a light-body as I am a light-body.

If I was to describe this in terms of video games, I’m on a new level, but I don’t know the rules.

Any second, a light-body will show up eating berries and tell me the password.

Something in me misses the something I missed when missing you.

I want to break into the your room and feel God between us.

Somewhere, I’d say, somewhere, I lost the ability to do this:

And I’m back on the floor, trying to catch things.

But you’re already a light, you said.

Did you know I had a guardian angel once? I said.

I wrote her name on a piece of paper, but then forgot it.

That’s because angels, by nature, don’t have names, you said.

I’m her now, I think.

The next level, the key to it? you said, is talking to yourself again, like this. Like you’re God.

Did I just think this?

Look, I’m talking directly to you now.

There’s a mountain somewhere that holds itself under the sea.

And now I’m spinning in a field, calling to that mountain.

Now I’m under my own light, thinking its your light.

It’s your light.

The mountain under the sea has a body like God.

And now the light-beings want to take me there, I just have to close my eyes.

Now I’m wishing you were with me.

That I was with me.

There’s a mountain under the sea and I’m understood by it.

In the dark, we can speak to things easier, like stones.

Tornadoes have a love for things like I never had a love for things.

And through me, it knows you. Through me, it can say the world tasted like you.

something said something said something said

Imagine our light as bodies.

They already are, you said.


Are you listening to me? you said. You look distant.

Don’t laugh, I said, but I was that mountain, the light-beings brought me back into this body.


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  1. Wow, very evocative, almost primal

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