Ways in Which One Might Come to Feel Their Body is Foreign

* Sleep less than 4 hours for 4 consecutive nights

* drink caffeine or alcohol, or both, more than usual

* read Philosophy, then text about it

* have dreams where you’re reading a poem that makes you cry and envious because it’s brilliant, then have someone in the dream say “but you wrote it” then wake up, staring at a blank paper, trying desperately to recall the words/images

* see spots floating in the air, and wonder if it’s your eyesight, or knots

* analyze how, exactly, knots would be made up of matter, and what kind, so as to appear to your eyes only, then try to figure the change in eyesight in order to perceive the E.T. knots.

* write a 9 page paper on the analysis of the use of every. single. word. someone uses. Then try to write. Then throw yourself against a tree.

* discuss love

* discuss love with yourself

* hear the sound of your voice on a tape recorder

* sleep less than 4 hours.

* dream a figure or monster the size of a pencil, and just as tall, tells you that “friends” are illusions. But that cake is delicious.

* repeat.


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