Photos of A, in the library

A and I spent Monday afternoon in one of those private rooms in the library, taking photos. I also got a couple of her outside. It is so wonderful to have someone willing to take time to let you shoot them (with a camera!) 😉

Words have been silent of late. Working on putting together what will hopefully be three full mixed-genre manuscripts by Spring / graduation. Here’s hoping I can then publish them! 😀

Meanwhile, here I sit with my egg sandwich, contemplating what happened to me this morning in a meeting with my philosophy professor. She recommended I read  A. H. Almaas, physicist-turned-mystic.  You know when you meet someone and you know you were supposed to meet them? That’s how I feel about her. Though I in no way need to take an extra course, let alone in philosophy, I know there’s a reason hiding somewhere.

And, panicked as I may feel for not having written anything of substance in days, I am trying to see this time as a period of “putting-together.”

Though, I feel I may have something to say about silence, soon.

Here’s some shots from Monday:











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One response to “Photos of A, in the library

  1. Becky

    Wonderful compositions, Shannon! A has lovely sharp eyes and soft skin. Her piercings are a little distracting, though. Don’t worry about not writing. I am excited to hear about your 3 mixed-genre mss! I miss you!

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