“She wanted to be everything”


In a darkening, out of
a field’s mouth, once,

every word scattered–
coyotes, ears on fire,

toward You– heart-drums
beat one another until

the crops erupt into light-
headed daisies, furious

You made them love air.


I had a dream. Two birds came
through my window. I looked up

the meaning in my Book of Symbols—
Spirits are trying to commune with me.

Good. I need my chest to break open,
and not by my hand—

I’ve thought of breaking the seal.


The belly of a coyote searches
for the ropes it once knew.

Twisted with joy, hang–
barbed-wired and singing–

the intestines. Hold on,
don’t ask if they are whole, separate:


When the seal breaks, death
knows where to find Me.


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One response to ““She wanted to be everything”

  1. Becky

    When I saw the title of this post on my reading list, I gasped a tiny bit, because it describes/described me! I guess that only shows my own ego, huh?

    I once heard the expression, “If you try to be everything, you’ll end up a nothing.” As you can imagine, that rocked my little dilettante world.

    I don’t have any worthwhile criticism to offer, just random thoughts. Remember that dream I had about birds, that you wrote a poem about? I still want to make a short film of it.

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