London Announcement & a bit of Photography

Anyone in London, go to Marylebone, Bakerloo Line, Platform 2, Southbound! My photography will be on display there for two weeks starting this week. I wish I could go see it myself, but alas, trans-Atlantic airfare is something I cannot afford at the moment.

Meanwhile, I have the wonderful opportunity to intern with Ron Terner at Focal Point Gallery in City Island, NY. Here are a couple shots I took while spending last weekend around his studio. City Island was having their Arts Festival. I just love the island. The community reminds me of small town life where I am from. As my dad said while visiting “Well, Shannon, dang! You wouldn’t think you’re in the Bronx around here!” No, indeed you would not.











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2 responses to “London Announcement & a bit of Photography

  1. steve

    … GREAT about your pictures !!! now i’m wondering (wordling) which ones ? congrats and fist bumps lol.

  2. Becky

    Your photos in this post are amazing! They’re tender and full of life.

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