Blackberry, Bear Witness, Send

I loved your last email and have a response, but right now

my feet are touching long island sound and this weight

in my chest is trying to decide what it’s name is: roots

of despair or beautiful-burst-children. There’s a distant-me,

8 years old, trying to find herself, and the earth

already tastes of God and my bones. How

to decipher one pull from the next; how

have I not spun myself to death?


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Filed under metaphysical, poetry

One response to “Blackberry, Bear Witness, Send

  1. Becky

    It’s funny-when I first read this one I saw the words “blackberry” and “bear” and thought of nature, a forest…but then I remembered the gadget Blackberry, and that you have one. Kind of interesting considering your poem mentions roots, the earth, etc.

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