1:28 AM, Response to Your Email

I’d crush every bone to get to some source other than myself.

You seem to understand, and then build something out of that understanding.

Why have I been afraid to open myself? Have I forgotten how to love?

The night comes; I crawl in bed, wait for things to settle, see if there’s anything worth picking up and handing to you, to anyone, to God, my Future Self.

What would it take for me to reach the smallest community?

I wanted to run in front of a car tonight. Thought maybe that would break open a valve for good.

As though everyone has it wrong and letting things meld into me– metal, concrete, teeth– lets the Unknown in.

I need to get back to that place–not just want, but need–to get back to where I was when the Universe spoke things and I listened.


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One response to “1:28 AM, Response to Your Email

  1. rachelle

    well written. incredible choice of words.

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