Now all things are lighter

Body aches and head swimming as though the tide has moved right below my window.

If I could, I’d breathe in faster, make dizziness swell in quick successions.

Crickets pepper the blood-rushed symphony outside.

Forget pills, Echinacea tea and vitamins.

Rest, body.

Wrap in blankets while the inner-things tingle out of me, carried off by pottery-wheeled sounds of sea.

Now all things are lighter.

Disappointments take off their clothes.

Things I haven’t forgiven lie in fields, sunbathing, inviting me to drink wine.

They petal out, fanned and forgotten, losing their boundaries in a dissolving sweeter than cane sugar.

Imagine, somewhere, every anger grows seeds, lessens in bitterness, waits for the belly of the grain-silo, for love.


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